Now Delivering across Delhi NCR

Now Delivering across Delhi NCR


What’s so great about iOrderFresh?

Fresh produce procured directly from farmers and delivered within hours to your doorstep. How does this help me?

No overnight storage of fresh produce in our warehouse. You get the best quality at everyday prices.

Free Home Delivery. How does this help me?

You can order fresh every day, without needing to store food products for days to avoid frequent trips to the market.

No need to pay in advance. So how do i pay for my iOrderFresh invoices?

We understand that paying small amounts in advance could be a pain, so we give you a Credit Limit to get started and collect payment on delivery of your order. Alternatively, you may choose to pay using our online payment gateway (Credit/Debit cards, Net Banking and E-Wallet).

Refer your friends and help them get their first order free. Use your referral code to give Rs 50 credit to your friends. What’s in it for me?

You can earn unlimited credit in your account for referring friends. Every time your referred friend places his first order, you earn Rs 50 credit in your account. Use your credits to pay for your iOrderFresh orders.

Signing up

Can I set-up more than one account?

You can set up one account for one email ID and phone number.

I haven't received my registration email, what do I do?

Your registration email is automatically generated and sent to your registered email ID. Check your spam box if you don’t see the mail in your Inbox. Save our email address in your address book and the emails will always be delivered in your Inbox and not the Spam folder. In case the email is not in the Inbox or Spam folder, please contact us at

It says my registration was declined. What do I do now?

Register using a different Email ID or Phone number. If this does not work, contact us at

What is a Family Code?

A unique Family Code is generated for every person at the time of registration. You can share your Family Code with your family members and they can place the order on your behalf. In this way, each member in the family need not register separately; one iOrderFresh account can be used by the entire family.
This avoids duplication of orders and allows multiple family members to access the family account and see scheduled orders, notifications, invoices, credit limit etc.

How safe is it to use the Family Code?

To ensure your privacy and safety of the family code, every time a request for login with family Code is received, a unique One Time Password (OTP) is sent on the registered mobile of the primary family account holder. Subsequent family members can join and see the family account only if this OTP is shared by the primary account holder.

Will i need to disturb the primary family account holder every time i use the iOrderFresh app?

No. Once you log in using the family code and OTP, you will have access to the family account till the time you don't sign out from the app. So, unless you voluntarily sign out of the iOrderFresh App, you will not need the OTP from the primary account holder again.


What all products do you deliver?

We currently deliver Fruits, Vegetables and Dry Fruits. We will add other product categories going forward and you can check the available product categories in the order now screen.

In which areas do you deliver?

iOrderFresh delivery service is currently available in select locations across Delhi & Gurgaon. We will add more locations/cities soon and notify members as and when more locations/cities are added.

Where do you get your fruits and vegetables from?

We buy the freshest produce directly from the source, avoiding most of the middlemen. This ensures best quality produce at reasonable prices.

Is there any minimum order value?

Yes, we may have a minimum order value for every delivery. This will be clearly communicated to you at the time of placing the order. Please note that the minimum order value may change from time to time.

Do you have offline stores?

No, we do not have any offline store. We are a purely mobile-commerce platform.

Can a corporate/business place orders with iOrderFresh?

Yes. Please contact us at for the same.

What if I want to suggest any Fruit/Vegetable to be added in your range of products?

Suggestions are always welcome. Please write in to us at

Where can I contact you in case I have any queries?

You can contact us, on our customer support helpline +91-11-4350 4450 (All days between 8 am to 8 pm) or email us at

Order and Delivery

How can I place my order?

You can place you order by simply logging on to iOrderFresh with your registered User ID and Password. Select the products you wish to order and place your order. You can also ‘Place Auto Ship Order’ if you want this order to be delivered at regular intervals.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

All orders placed by 10 PM (cut-off time) are delivered the next day. You will get a notification and text message when your order gets dispatched from our fulfillment center. The delivery executive will call you before making an attempt to deliver your order.

While placing my first order why can’t I select the next available delivery date?

To ensure we deliver to your correct address, we may arrange for a call from our support desk to verify your address and nearest landmarks etc. For this we need an additional 24 hours. But don’t worry, this is a one time exercise only. After this we will ensure uninterrupted deliveries day after day!

Can I make an order in advance?

Yes. We have an option for you to place an order unto 30 days in advance. You can also place an auto-ship Order, where we will deliver the products ordered on your choice of days, without the hassle of ordering again and again.

What if I want to cancel an order?

Orders can be cancelled anytime before the cut-off time. Orders must be canceled before 10 PM for next day deliveries. You can do so by checking your upcoming orders and clicking on ‘Cancel Order’.

What if I don't want the order once it is delivered to my home?

We strive to give you the best service and the freshest produce. Once your order is processed (post midnight on the day of delivery), we are unable to cancel or take returns for the same. You will be required to pay for the products delivered as per schedule. Sorry, but this is how we ensure quality and prompt service.

What if the quality of products is not satisfactory?

In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the quality of the products delivered, you may return the same at no cost to you. We will provide a full refund of the amount charged for the returned products.

Will my order delivery be affected if the weather is bad?

We try our best to ensure all our deliveries are on time. However, in case the weather conditions do not allow, we apologize for it in advance. In such cases the orders are automatically canceled. Cancelled orders are not carried forward to the next day, you will need to place a fresh order for the same.

Will I be informed if my order gets canceled?

Yes. We will send you an email, SMS and a notification within the iOrderFresh app, for any orders cancelled by us.

What are the delivery charges?

There are no delivery charges as on date. You will be informed if this policy changes anytime in the future.

How do I ‘Order by Message’?

Simply select the ‘Order by Message’ option, type your order and write when you want it to be delivered and press ‘Send’. E.g. 1Kg Onion, 1Kg Apples. Delivery for 15th January, 2015.
On receiving such an order, our system will prepare an order for you. You can edit the order prepared by our system and confirm the same. On receiving your confirmation your order will be scheduled as per your request and will reflect in the ‘My Orders’ screen of your iOrderFresh App.

Payments and Credit Limit

When is my invoice due and how will I know?

Invoice is generated as soon as your order is delivered. You may choose to pay in advance using our online payment gateway facility (all major credit/debit cards, digital wallet and netbanking transfers accepted) or on receiving your delivery.

I want to see an old invoice, where can I find this?

All your order details including ‘Orders’, ‘Invoices’ and ‘Payment History’ is available under the ‘My Orders’ section.


How do I refer a friend?

You can refer a friend by sharing your referral code with your friends by visiting the ‘Share & Earn’ section under ‘My Profile’.

What is the benefit of referring a friend?

When you refer a friend, your friend gets Rs.50 off on his/her first order that he/she places with iOrderFresh mentioning your referral code. As soon as your friend successfully receives the first order, you too get a credit of Rs. 50 in your account.

Is there a limit to the number of friends i can invite?

At present, there is no limit to how many friends you can invite and how much referral credits you can earn.

What is the rule for using available credits in my account for my upcoming orders?

Credits in your account can be used to pay for your upcoming orders. The rule simply is that for every order you can use credits to maximum of 50% of the order value. This means that if your order amount is Rs. 400 and you have 500 credits in your account, you may use a maximum of 200 credits (50% of the order value) for this order. Hence, you pay Rs 200 in cash for this order in addition to using 200 credits. The balance 300 credits may be used in subsequent orders with the same rule.

*Please note that the iOrderFresh management reserves the right to change the rule regarding maximum credit usage per order.