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Tops Tomato Ketchup


Tops Tomato Ketchup

₹ 130 / 1.00 Kg

In stock

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टॉप्स टमाटर केचप

Hot dogs, burgers, French-fries or omelets. Cutlets, patties, steaks or roasts. Pizzas, pastas, noodles or soups. Or sizzlers of any description. You name it. Tops Tomato Ketchup makes its taste absolutely tops. And no wonder. Made in the old-fashioned way, from the ripest and finest red tomatoes, and blended with selected aromatic spices and condiments, Tops Tomato Ketchup flaunts the classic all-American taste that is favored around the world. Make every bite exciting. Make every moment magical. Surrender to the joy only Tops Tomato Ketchup can bring.